10 projects with payback

- Many projects in the home are decided based on personal style or design trends. However, according to industry experts, you should look at your home as an investment, and seek out "projects with payback" that can offer long-term benefits.        More

25 Fast Ways to Transform A Room

Homeowners looking for ways to brighten up the look of their homes with fast do-it-yourself enhancements can find the answer to their decorating needs with durable urethane millwork pieces. The lightweight pieces are easy to install and ideal for quick upgrade projects in every room of the home. The experts at Fypon offer these how-to ideas for fast results:        More

10 Projects to Protect Your Privacy

    What single room in the home is associated most with privacy? The bathroom, of course. And, while you may want natural light in your bathroom, you primarily desire privacy.
    To solve the dual challenge of light and privacy in the home, Hy-Lite Products offers acrylic block and decorative glass windows. Both windows allow light into the home through non-translucent, decorative materials yet protect you from the prying eyes of neighbors.        More

Redecorate in an Afternoon

    Redecorate in an Afternoon: Free Booklet Makes it Easy & Inexpensive
- Love the looks you see in high-end catalogs and home décor stores? In just a few hours and for as little as $20, you can create your own high-style decorating fashion with the new, 16-page inspirational booklet, Great Décor in a Flash - Without a lot of Cash! Log onto www.styrofoamstyle.com to download the booklet, and discover how easy it is to create sophisticated, vibrant home décor that doesn't require a loan - or a lifetime.        More

7 Steps to a De-Cluttered Home

For many people, having an abundance of personal items serves as a security blanket. For others, it's a sign of prestige: The more stuff I have, the better I am. The trouble is, too many belongings can quickly turn an orderly home into one overrun with clutter.
Perhaps you've heard of the recent news story where a man had more than 70,000 empty beer cans filling his residence, so much so that the landlord could barely enter the building. Others horde newspapers, knick-knacks, books, sock collections - you name it. What items have taken over your home?         More

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